Parent Handbook

Rosie’s Playschool strives to provide a high quality Early Childhood Program by creating a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. That also promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children and responds to the needs of the families. Our parents and staff are PARTNERS, working together to meet the needs of the children and families.

Young children learn by doing! They acquire knowledge of their world through playful interaction with objects and people. Children are motivated to learn by their desire to make sense of the world. Rosie’s Playschool is committed to providing a developmentally appropriate program, with the help of well-trained teachers, curriculum and a variety of materials and equipment as well as a small adult to child ratio. We engage children in an environment that is child directed, and teacher supported.

Rosie’s Playschool does not discriminate against anyone (adult or child, staff or parent) on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, physical or mental disability or veteran status.


In accordance with our mission statement and philosophy, Rosie’s Playschool is a play-based program. Each child is provided with time for free play (free choice) with a variety of materials and spaces. Some activities are teacher planned and guided, but each child can freely choose which activity, materials or space he/she wishes. We attempt to challenge and stimulate each child at his/her own developmental level and foster a positive self-image by accepting each child as an individual. The following elements are a part of our regular program for the children.
-A group time (circle time) each morning with the children and their teachers. This is a time for group sharing, cognitive games (letters, numbers and shape recognition), sing finger plays, group games and stories.
-A small group time each day where each child can receive some individual attention from the teacher.
-Free choice time inside and outside every day.
-Regular rest time according to age…required by Florida Law and their bodies! Rest helps their brains develop!
-In house field trips (age appropriate) as often as possible.
-A schedule of activities throughout the day that balances the quiet/active cognitive/gross and motor skills.
- TV & video ~ this is not a part of our regular curriculum. TV and or video equipment will be used as a last resort. However; if we have something educational that might go with our theme we will allow the children to engage in this special activity.

Please know that we will always be available to you for any questions, concerns and of course new ideas. For your personal reference ONLY, please feel free to contact me, Rosemarie Samuels-Owner (Ms. Rose) for anything of importance after hours by cell phone (727-432-3684).

Parents & family are encouraged to visit the center anytime during our hours of operation.
Thank you for giving your child this wonderful experience and exposure to quality Early Childhood Education. And allowing us to become a part of his/her life for the most important ages and stages!


We have a parent bulletin board that contains various information and articles. The information will change often and is there for your needs. Please take a moment to check this area out. Please keep communication open with your child’s home away from home. If you have questions feel free to ask. Any staff member wearing a Rosie’s Playschool shirt will be able to answer you or they will send you to the correct person that can help you. We feel it is important that you let us know right away if a need arises. If you were to have a complaint or concern please direct it to the front office where we will be able to handle the situation in a timely manner. We cannot help you if you do not speak up communicate with us.

Payments are due, regardless of a child’s absence for any reason. This includes a child’s illness, family illness, vacations, doctor appointments, holidays, parent’s day off work, etc. Payments are due the Friday before the actual week begins. There will be a $10.00 late charged if your payment is not received by Wednesday at closing time. If payment does not hit the center by Friday at closing you will be asked not to return to school until you can pay in full. This may cause you to lose your child’s spot in our facility. Special arrangements may be made in advance with the owner/director, if this causes a hardship for any family. A $25.00 fee will also be assessed for checks returned for any reason.

We ask that you call the center to report your child’s absence for whatever reason. Our staff needs this information to plan their day, and talk with the other children about their playmates' absence.

Children left in our care past our stated closing times will be charged $2.00 per minute. A phone call to the center if an emergency arises is appreciated and will be considered in assessing this fee. We close our center promptly at 5:30/6:00pm (Depending on your child’s age). Our staff members have their own families to care for and do not get paid by Rosie’s Playschool, past 5:30/ 6:00pm.

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack will be provided by the center. These foods will conform to nutritional guidelines suggested by the state. If your child has special dietary needs, or allergies, please let us know, as we will give you a special form to be filled out by your child’s Doctor so we can meet the child’s needs. Children are not allowed to bring food into the center.
We are a PEANUT FREE facility!

(Exceptions: see Holiday & Birthday)

Infant Nutrition
Rosie’s Playschool will provide one standard brand of milk based iron fortified formula and one of soy based formula for all infants in care. If your child uses a different formula other than the one provided you will be responsible for supplying that specific formula. Breastfeeding is welcome and encouraged at Rosie’s Playschool, and we will strive to provide a comfortable area for this special bonding time between you and your child. Starting at four months of age we will supply baby food and 100% fruit juice as allowed by the USDA food program.

Children generally celebrate their birthday at Rosie’s Playschool on the closest weekday to their actual birthday. Parents are welcome to bring a special snack that day (nutritious snacks are preferable). Please notify your child’s teacher or the director one week in advance if you are planning a special snack for your child, as this information must be posted per the Pinellas County Licensing Board. We must alert you to allergy precautions so take the time to speak with your child’s teacher before you make any plans. Although your child may not have food allergies there is a possibility that another child in that room or center may be in great danger if they are allergic to a particular ingredient. We are a PEANUT FREE facility! We find many reasons to have celebrations here…Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, July 4th, St. Patrick’s Day are just a few times when we have center parties. These are usually held in the afternoons. Parents are encouraged to help us celebrate these special days.

A daily quiet time is firmly enforced and required by Florida Law. We find that children need this time to ‘regroup’, as do their caregivers. The length of quiet time depends upon the age of the child and their individual needs. This also is the time during the day when teachers take their breaks, clean their shelves and do their lesson planning. If your child requires something special for him/her to rest with please make sure that special something is put in their cubby each day or left on their cot. You as the parent are required to bring in a fitted cot sheet when enrolling to be left at the center at all times. We have laundry facilities at each location and the bedding is laundered once a week unless needed otherwise.

Children may ONLY bring toys or books from home on designated show-n-tell days or other special days that are shared with you by the teacher. However, we will not assume responsibility for finding lost items, if the child misplaces them in the center. We will NOT allow violent toys to be brought to school such as guns, swords, and knives. If your child brings them, you may pick them up in the office at the end of the day. We offer plenty of stimulating activities, so please reinforce this policy before leaving your home with your child.

Media such as television and video viewing is limited to educational opportunities and is NOT a regular occurrence.

We have found that our day begins best when parents can make their drop off time short and stay to visit at pick-up time if they wish. Parents are responsible for the safety for their children until they are handed over to the teacher on duty at school. A staff member will greet you and your child in the morning and help him/her enter the center smoothly. Please help your child place their belongings in their cubby and then help your child wash their hands. At this time you will hand your child to a teacher on duty. This is when you will also sign your child in for the day. This is mandatory; you must use your full name and the time of drop off. Your child will also be marked in on the staff rosters. As your child transitions many times during the day a time, count of all the children are recorded and initialed by the staff members. Children are not allowed in a classroom or outside by themselves they MUST always be with an adult within direct supervision. This is a Pinellas County Licensing Law. The center cut off time for arrival is 10am unless arrangements have been made with the director. Rosie’s Playschool assumes responsibility for enrolled children ONLY.

We ask for you to refrain from dropping off during nap time for any reason.


The staff will NOT release a child to a party/guardian/ emergency pick up person that seems to be under the influence. If this person appears to be intoxicated or otherwise impaired the staff member will ask for you to call someone who would be able to drive both you and your child home. If you refuse to comply with this rule then we have NO choice but to call the authorities.

All staff at Rosie’s Playschool meet and exceed all licensing board requirements and are monitored by state and local agencies. All staff members are fingerprinted and undergo state, local, and Federal background screenings. Quality, continuity, and longevity of staff are a priority in an outstanding childcare program. Our salary schedule and employee benefits are given a priority in the budget to ensure that we have the best staff available to care for your children. All staff members receive ongoing early childhood training as well as CPR and First Aid. Florida Law also requires that for every 20 children there must be a CDA/ Early Childhood Certified staff member. This is important to Rosie’s Playschool as well and we try to hire only staff who has their education requirements or who is willing to start this program.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Rosie’s Playschool and our staff are all mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and/or neglect.

Our staff encourages cooperation, independence, and RESPECT of self and others. When children are verbally, emotionally, or physically abusive, we take the following age-appropriate constructive disciplinary practices until the problem is resolved. All child care personnel of this child care facility must comply with the facility’s written disciplinary practices.

Rosie’s Playschool provides a setting that fosters the basic values of mutual respect, responsibility, resourcefulness and responsiveness to the needs of others. It is our discipline policy to encourage appropriate behaviors, provide positive opportunities for children to contribute, and to develop a sense of belonging in all children. Our staff strives to understand the developmental stages of a child and the underlying goals of mistaken behavior. We involve the child in problem solving, allow for individual choice and permit the logical consequences of those choices. We believe in positive guidance and behavior management. Our role in guidance is to work with parents/guardians to teach children how to make good choices and help them develop self-discipline. We encourage individuality and independence, but each child must be able to interact within the group’s limits.Rosie’s Playschool does not subscribe to any form of physical punishment, the withholding of food, rest or toileting, abusive or profane language or any other form of public or private humiliation with the intent to embarrass.

Our students and staff respect each other’s’ person, feelings and property.
Our students take responsibility for their actions and decisions.
Our students, with the aid of staff, are resourceful to solve and prevent problems.
Our students and staff are responsive to the needs of others and lend a helping hand.

Preventative Measures:
Provide challenging activities
Use clear directions
Communicate age-appropriate, positive expectations
Utilize encouragement techniques
Explain reasons for actions

Problem Resolution Guidelines:
Step 1 – Repeat expectations on a regular basis. Follow through on rules consistently. Problem solve with
children. Redirect the child towards a more appropriate choice. Use natural and logical
Step 2 – Child’s choices are now restricted.
Step 3 – Documentation of the behavior is noted for further counseling or conference with the parent.

If misbehavior still continues:
Step 4 – One day suspension
Step 5 – Call in outside services. Have meeting with counselor, teacher and Director. Parent will be asked
to permit further counseling to prevent expulsion of the child from school. Consistent disruptive
behavior may be grounds for expulsion, such as:
Excessive biting
Excessive force (hitting, kicking or hurting others in any way)
Step 6 – Termination of services

School Initiated Termination
If the director feels that it is in the best interest of the child or the other children in the center, the director or owner reserves the right to terminate the child from the center. Suggestions will be made about the best setting for the child. Reasons a child could be asked NOT to return to the center are listed but not limited to:
-Chronic biting
-Consistent aggressive behavior towards the adults or other children
When a child develops aggressive behavior or has needs in which we do not feel that we can fulfill, attempts will be made to deter the aggressive behavior and to meet those exceptional needs. Before termination occurs the director will notify the parent and a conference with the parent will be arranged to discuss how to handle and manage the behavior.
-Non-payment of tuition
Tuition is due on the Friday before the upcoming week. If the tuition has not been paid by the following Friday the parent will be asked to remove their child from care until the payment has been received. If the parent wishes to re-enroll the child, a new registration fee, late fee plus any back tuition will be due upon re-enrollment.

Our curriculums cover a wide range of constructive educational activities and themes so that each child gets a variety of learning experiences to share and explore. We have a specialized curriculum for each age group. We introduce new concepts as they become age-appropriate. Nursery rhymes, opposites, Spanish, alphabet letters, colors, shapes and numbers are just some of the things we focus on at Rosie’s Playschool. This provides for a well-rounded program. Activities based on these themes are used to enhance social and self-help skills, and to provide the child with acceptable problem solving skills. Activities are age-appropriate and give the children positive experiences which help to build their self-esteem. We pride ourselves on working with the individuality of each child at each phase of development for example when a child has their third birthday, it does not always mean they are ready to move to a three year old classroom.

It is important to wait until a child is developmentally ready. To help with transitions from one classroom to the next, we provide a transitional period (if necessary). During this time the child will visit the new classroom in small increments to help them make the adjustment.

Divorce and separation is painful for everyone involved. Please keep us up to date on any information that may be pertinent to the care of your child, such as status of physical custody. A child may be released to each parent unless a court order is provided stating otherwise. Do NOT put our facility in the middle of your battle. We are here for the best interest of your child!

The staff will discuss this issue with each parent as their child approaches readiness for toilet training. The following toilet training criteria has been developed with parents and staff over the years. We will agree
AS A TEAM, how we will proceed. It is best to have consistency between the home and center to allow the child to be successful.
A child may begin toilet training when:
-The child can retain bowl & bladder movements for short periods of time.
-The child shows interest.
-The child is willing to sit on the toilet.
-The child understands what is expected of him/her.

Toilet Training Procedure:
-Put child on toilet at routine times.
-Put child on the toilet at child’s request as well.
-No toys in the bathroom while the child is on the toilet (this time is serious and not for playing, however a book might be relaxing.
-Rewards are immediate and be hugs, cheers, or praises.
-Try not to give material rewards….candy or cookies but perhaps stickers.
-Present a relaxed attitude. Remember, learning to use the toilet is the child’s job, not yours.
-Let him assume the responsibility for this function himself. After all they are the only one who can.
-If the child is showing signs of resistance stop for a few days and try again later.

We view toilet training as a developmental process and take its successes and failures in stride. Successful toilet training is not a pre-requisite for a child to move into the next pre-school group, although it is taken into consideration as a developmental milestone.

Immunizations and Health Records:
Rosie’s Playschool maintains updated immunization records for each child. This is a necessary requirement that must be in your child’s file within the first day of care. Every 2 years a new physical signed by the child’s pediatrician is required. This updated Immunization record will be maintained for each child as requirement by the state of Florida and will be updated upon expiration of the form from the pediatrician. If you have out of state medical forms you have 2 weeks to get these forms transferred to Florida forms.

To protect your child, the staff, and the other children, it is requested that your child not be brought to the child care center if he/she has any of the following symptoms:
-Oral temperature greater than 99-must be clear of temp for 24 hours
-Diarrhea is highly contagious- child must be clear of loose stools for 24 hours
-Lethargic or irritability (needing to be held constantly).
-Vomiting within the last 24 hours
-Pink eye is highly contagious. If your child wakes up with crusted eyes and mucus running out they may not come to school until they are cleared with a doctor’s note.
-Any contagious conditions (impetigo, strep throat, etc.) until it has been treated by a physician and deemed no longer contagious by a physician’s note.
-Head Lice/ must be nit free before returning to school
-Green runny noses (infections)
_All unidentified rashes must be seen and have a doctor’s note to return to school.

All parents must have emergency plans established to care for their ill child.

Please advise your child’s teacher and Center Director of any allergies, physical or mental challenges, fears, strong dislikes or any other condition which may affect your child’s health, happiness or ability to function in a group. Concerns or restrictions will be discussed with parents on a one-to-one basis. Care of students with exceptional needs should be discussed individually with the Center Director to determine Rosie’s Playschool ability to meet those needs. It is the intent of Rosie’s Playschool to serve all children and families with sensitivity to differences, physical/mental abilities and/or other identified exceptionalities. Rosie’s Playschool strives to make all reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of individual clients. Rosie’s Playschool meets all state and local standards and adheres to the guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Medications will NOT be administered at Rosie’s Playschool by the staff. Parents may NOT put medications of any kind in your child’s backpack or cubby for him/her to take freely by himself. If your child needs medication during the day, you are more than welcome to bring it to them on your lunch break and administer it yourself. You can request your physician to make the dose twice a day. However, if your child needs medication then they are probably too sick to come to school. Please make other arrangements. With your signed permission we will administer ointments for diaper rash.


Parents will be contacted immediately if their child is hurt and requires special medical attention. If we cannot reach you, we will contact the individual(s) listed on your emergency form. (PLEASE KEEP THIS FORM UP TO DATE) We strive to make the environment as safe as possible for your child. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Appropriate First Aid will be given while we wait for a parent or emergency person to arrive. If emergency
care is required, we will call 911, and then the parent will be contacted. At this time a staff member will accompany your child to the nearest medical facility or the facility indicated on your child’s emergency release form. Parents will also be notified verbally or by an accident report for injuries that are not of an emergency nature (i.e., pinched fingers, scraped knees, and bumps on the head.) that might require a physician’s consultation, but are not serious. We believe that each family should make these decisions.


In the event of a fire, the children will be evacuated from the center using the nearest exit and be removed to a safe place away from the building. All exits are clearly marked and we practice our fire drills on a monthly basis. After we practice the children and teachers have a group discussion.
Our center is inspected regularly and is equipped with smoke detectors; fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations. We also have our local firefighters visit our site 1 or 2 times a year.

During a tornado warning, the children will be moved away from doors and windows. We will practice our Duck and Cover procedures throughout the year as well. Children and staff will remain in their safe places until an all clear has been sounded by the city sirens or over the radio.


In the event of a hurricane, it is presumed that ample time would be given to evacuate the school. Parents will be called to remove their children right away. Check the school phone in case of closings. We usually follow the Pinellas County School System or the City of St. Petersburg in the summer. During any of these emergency events, when removing your child from the center, PLEASE remember to sign them out. If you are sending someone else to pick up your child that person must be on the emergency form and/or have a written note by the parent with your signature. That emergency person will also need a photo ID before we release your child to them. We will re-open the center when it presumes to be safe for the children and staff. Any other occasion for evacuation (ex. gas leak) we will walk off property to the nearest facility and call parents from there. If that is also not a safe place we will call 911 and ask for evacuation help from our city.

The children that are enrolled at Rosie’s Playschool throughout the year. The Admission procedure, as space allows, is as follows:
The following forms are completed and returned before the child’s first day:
-Child Identification & Health Form
-Emergency Release Form as well as Field Trip and Discipline Policy Forms
-Blue Immunization and Yellow Physical forms on Florida papers (signed by a physician)
-Parent contract with first week’s tuition and registration fee
-Date for enrollment is set (if possible prior to the child’s first day for an easy transition)

Your child’s files may be reviewed from time to time by representatives of the licensing board and other funding agencies. Rosie’s Playschool considers everything in a child’s file to be confidential. This information will not be shared or distributed to others without prior written approval or an appropriate court order/subpoena.

Children are given priority for enrollment in our program in this order.
-Currently enrolled children who transition into different rooms according to age, maturity, and developmental skills will be at the discretion of the director.
-Siblings of currently enrolled children
-Families transferring to any of the other Rosie’s Playschool locations
-All other interested children

Within these categories, the waiting list is based on the first date that contact was made with the center and registration fee is paid.

Two weeks written notice is required if a child is to be withdrawn from the center. This will allow us to contact people on our waiting list. Tuition is required the last two weeks even if your child does not attend. If this balance is owed when you depart from the center it will be sent to a collection agency and will be on your permanent record until paid along with late fees and interest.

Parents are welcomed, unannounced, at the center at any time. Parents and other members of a child’s family are welcome and are encouraged to participate in any activities that are of interest to them. Holiday celebrations, birthdays and field trips are especially fun days to help out around school.

Here is a list of items to bring to the center to help your child feel more comfortable. We will do our best to keep track of everything that you bring, but just like at home, things do get misplaced and we cannot be responsible for replacing items. Please try to label all items. All bedding items are laundered on site once a week.
-Please bring in two changes of underwear
-Diapers, if not potty trained and wipes
-A complete change of clothes (Remember to dress for the Season)
-A cot sheet and blanket or something to snuggle with at nap time

We will have In House field trips mostly. Bringing educational and fun experiences to your child. Parents will sign a permission slip when enrolling your child into our care. If we leave our gates it is considered a field trip in PCLB eyes and we must have parental permission. This type of field trip will consist of a nature walk in the neighborhood…..NOTHING more!

SMOKING is PROHIBITED on the premises of Rosie’s Playschool, which includes outside the fence area and in our parking lot.

Thank you for following these simple rules to help us keep your child(ren) safe while in our care. We are excited to grow and learn with your family.