Parental Agreement

Rosie’s Playschool Parental Agreement

My child, ____________________, is enrolled at Rosie’s Playschool.

My scheduled weekly tuition will be $_______________

My scheduled weekly ELC fee will be $_____________

My scheduled weekly RPS fee will be $_____________

Terms and Conditions:

All payments are due on Friday for the upcoming week. If your child is absent for any reason, there will NOT be any prorated fees, this includes when we are closed for any holidays, staff development days, or hurricane days during the school year. Registration and tuition are non-refundable for any reason.

A $10.00 late charge will be added to all accounts not paid by Wednesday, if the fee is not received by Friday, the child will not be accepted in school until payment is made. This may cause you to lose your child’s spot @ Rosie’s Playschool.

You will be obligated to pay the same rate as the two-year-old until your child has been fully potty trained for a month. This is only if your child is 3yrs or older.

Two weeks written notification for childcare termination will be expected from the parent/guardian or two weeks tuition will be charged. If not paid, I understand that my balance will be sent to a collection agency or small claims court. A 2% interest fee will be added to your unpaid balance along with collection and late fees. If legal action is necessary, it is agreed that reasonable fees will be charged to you, the client.

If a child damages or destroys school property, parents will assume full responsibility.

We close 6:00pm and the staff does NOT get paid beyond that time. There is a late charge of $2.00 per minute after closing time. This fee will be paid by the following day of care or the child will not be allowed to return.

We will not accept any children before 6:30am and 7:30am for the infant and toddlers.

There will be a $25.00 fee if your check does NOT clear the bank for any reason. We bank with Synovus and they have a policy that pushes your check through twice if it does not clear the first time. A bank fee of $15.00 is owed the first push and when they push it through again and it is rejected because of Non-Sufficient Funds then the full $25.00 is due along with the amount of the check in cash before your child can return to school. Rosie’s Playschool will take further action in the courts if this fee plus the amount of the check is NOT settled within a weeks’ time.

I will NOT hold Rosie’s Playschool responsible for my child(ren) if I fail to pick up my child(ren) at the close of the business day. I do understand the Rosie’s Playschool will make every effort to contact my emergency release numbers on your child’s enrollment form however, if no one can be reached in a reasonable amount of time I am aware the proper authorities will be called and further action will be taken by Law Enforcement and /or DCF.

I give Rosie’s Playschool permission to retain my child should the person picking up my child(ren) seems to be under the influence whether it be myself or anyone else I send for my child.

I am aware that without proper legal documentation in my child’s file that Rosie’s Playschool can release my child(ren) to either legal parent or guardian if we have their name on the enrollment packet. A parent’s name cannot be removed from that packet. The only way Rosie’s Playschool can withhold a child from a parent/guardian on the child’s enrollment packet is if he or she has the proper legal documentation from the courts.

We will not release children to anyone unless we have written permission. Please make sure that you list all possible contacts when filling out enrollment paperwork. We are unable to make and exceptions to this.

If your child will not be in attendance for the day, we require that you contact the center by 9:00 am.

If you have read the Parent Handbook and agree to the above information please sign and date below.

Child’s Name: __________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian_________________________________


Address: ________________________________

Parent SS#________________________

Director______________________________ Date_______________