Program planning in accordance with our mission statement and philosophy. Rosie's Playschool, Inc. is a play-based program. Each child is provided with time for free play (free-choice) with a variety of materials and spaces. Some activities are teacher planned and guided, but each child can freely choose which activity, materials, or space he/she wishes. We attempt to challenge and stimulate each child at his/her own developmental level and foster a positive self-image by accepting each child as an individual. The following elements are each an important part of our daily program for the children.

  • A group time (circle time) each morning for the children and their teachers. This is a time for group sharing, some cognitive games (letters, numbers, shape recognition), singing, finger plays, group games and stories
  • A small group time each day where each child can receive some individual attention from the teacher
  • Free-choice time inside and outside every day
  • Regular rest time according to age (required by Florida Law and their bodies)

A schedule of activities throughout the day that balances the quiet and active, cognitive and imaginitive, social and independent, and that challenge fine and gross motor skills.